Brand New Workout DVD for HOME!!!!

In each DVD set Jennifer teaches proper form emphasizing BALANCE throughout each muscle group to protect joints, tendons, ligaments and spine!  The series is set up to work two muscle groups daily for an average of about 30 minutes.  You need only a mat, fitness ball and small dumbells.

Fitness routines included:
  1. Back and Shoulders
  2. Biceps and Triceps
  3. Legs and Chest
  4. Abdominals

The routines are set up for you to aspire to go to heavier weights over time and work hard with high reps, so important for muscle endurance and strength.  Jennifer has included a DVD for only Abdominals... to work the tummy hard!

Comes with instructions and website back-up!

Each DVD set is $59.99 introductory priced!

These DVDs are now in use  at four local doctor's offices to get patients on a great training and learning to be healthier program!

Take advantage of Jennifer's years of experience in and firsthand knowledge of bodybuilding, running, coaching and general fitness.  The proof of her expertise is in the many trophies, just a few of which are shown in the photo on the back of the DVD case, she has won in competitions over the years.

Enjoy a home fitness workout routine from a proven fitness guru in your own home.

Price:  $79.99

Introductory priced at $59.99