During this COVID-19 crisis I am available via ZOOM for vitual training (very private) and home training (all weights are sanitized and I stay more then 6ft away from you).
Now that we are going into the Spring / Summer months... the weather is warmer... it's time to be more active outside and enjoy this remarkable weather!!!!
I am now working out of THE PUMPHOUSE FITNESS CENTER located in Hendersonville, NC.  I am avaiable Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Hendersonville.
I am also available for private home-training.

I can help you with cycling, running (optimize your runs), Powerlifting, weight-training, golf, agility, cardiovascular and any other sports!!!
Call me for an appointment!!!!

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Behind the scenes with my Champions!!!

ONE OF THE FIRST TRAINER's IN HENDERSONVILLE Jennifer came to the area in 1984 after winning numerous State and Regional titles in Bodybuilding.  A former competitive gymnast Jennifer began Weight-training at 16 years of age and began running at age 11.  One of the first of the FEMALE ATHLETES in the bodybuilding field Jennifer has won State, Regional, National, American and World titles in bodybuilding and had numerous well-known World-Class Trainers including Serge Nubret (former competitor with Arnold Schwarzenegger) and many others.  Using all the techniques she has learned from professional trainers over her competitve professional career her techniques in lifitng and posing are unmatched by most providing the fastest results possible. Jennifer is and remains a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE IN RUNNING AND BODYBUILDING at the age of 59.

Jennifer KNOWS that most people want to have the beautiful and fit physique and NOT become a bodybuilder.  That is also how Jennifer has felt her whole career.  She desires to emphasize the beautiful healthy physique for all those she trains!  However those who want to enter the world of competition cannot find a more experienced coach!

Jennifer’s number one priority is attaining muscular balance. If the ‘body armor’ (muscles) are all tight and balanced the chances of injury from a fall, etc., is slim to none as the muscles keep the joints, tendons and ligaments protected and where they should be. But on top of that the body will become stronger, more appealing, energized, better blood flow, more oxygenated and just plain HEALTHIER!

Jennifer TEACHES her students. Whenever she has a session with a client she will explain why a particular exercise is important and where it works. How the importance of ‘focus’ can mean a quicker response from the body.

Training is not just limited to adults. Training can be started as early as 6 years old (however weights are limited to a lesser resistance). Since Jennifer was also a high school coach she also works with lots of student-athletes including 3x State Golf Champion Blair Lamb (now on the professional golfing circuit) since she was a Sophomore in high school. She trains basketball and volleyball players for vertical jumping and overall fitness. Jennifer's expertise is Weight-training and Running for all sports!

Jennifer has a local connection to many doctors who send their patients to her for rehabilitation. She has also studied with a local sports rehabilitation center for techniques in wrapping AND diagnosing injuries.  Jennifer promotes physical therapy as ‘step one’ toward recovery and her training as ‘step two’ to move onto better overall health in all areas including cardiovascular and resistance.

Jennifer Sargent Byrd has been training others for 40 years and teaches using various techniques she has learned through a numerous amount of world-class trainers during her competition years on the world-class circuit. Always emphazing BALANCE between the muscle groups to protect joints, tendons and ligaments from injury!!! See more information about Jennifer Sargent Byrd here!!

Jennifer shown with just a few of the many trophies ( WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY CUP IS IN THE FRONT) she has won over the years for Amatuer to Professional Bodybuilding and Running.
Jennifer, it is not only about losing excess weight, feeling good, being fit and having the body to prove it... It's

what people are saying

The help I received from you with my running made a remarkable difference. I use to not be able to run one mile without being out of breath and now I can run marathons, half marathons and I've won numerous 5K's. I'm addicted to running now thanks to you. You are a fantastic motivator, trainer and friend. — J.C.

I have enjoyed working with Jennifer for a number of years now. Her perspective is unique because she was, for many years, an active participant in body building competitions and is dedicated to fitness as a way of life. For women particularly, she stays focussed not just on strength, but shape and definition of muscles. She is carefull to work each particular muscle several ways during weekly workouts, and she has the patience to teach proper form, along with a good dose of encouragement which keeps clients striving to improve themselves for the sake of their health, not just their appearance. She is also happy to work with clients on whatever level they are comfortable with - -whether they are only just beginning (at whatever age!), or whether they are gearing up for an athletic competition. — J.