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The help I received from you with my running made a remarkable difference. I use to not be able to run one mile without being out of breath and now I can run marathons, half marathons and I've won numerous 5K's. I'm addicted to running now thanks to you. You are a fantastic motivator, trainer and friend. — J.C.

I have enjoyed working with Jennifer for a number of years now. Her perspective is unique because she was, for many years, an active participant in body building competitions and is dedicated to fitness as a way of life. For women particularly, she stays focussed not just on strength, but shape and definition of muscles. She is carefull to work each particular muscle several ways during weekly workouts, and she has the patience to teach proper form, along with a good dose of encouragement which keeps clients striving to improve themselves for the sake of their health, not just their appearance. She is also happy to work with clients on whatever level they are comfortable with - -whether they are only just beginning (at whatever age!), or whether they are gearing up for an athletic competition. — J.