Success Stories

"One thing that impressed me with the competition (Carolina SuperNatural 2009) was how well prepared your people were. Tthey looked great and every detail seemed to be addressed thoroughly. I noticed that the coloring on some of the [other] people had problems like too much or too little or inconsistent or lines. None of your people had these problems. I also noticed how the girls held their hands. I think it was better than what most of the other people did. The clothes looked great and fitted well also. I guess the most important thing was that they looked great and that is what it was all about. However, the other things just make them seem more professional and prepared. Good job!"
Byron Collins (photographer for Carolina SuperNatural 2009)

Jennifer seen here with clients and Trainee of the Year Jan Richards.

“Having Jennifer as a personal trainer helped me (a runner of 24 years) gain a toned and muscular body I never knew I could have. She also challenged me to do my best when I didn’t think I could mentally and physically! Thanks Jenn!”
Sarah Green


Jennifer has helped me reach my optimal fitness peak in preparing for bodybuilding shows. Her knowledge is second to none!”

Clay Brackett

Physical fitness has always been a hobby of mine since high school. I have had a goal for years to eventually compete in a bodybuilding competition. I have had 3 trainers in earlier years who spent time helping me grow ‘bigger’ and stronger but their knowledge of bodybuilding was limited. In my quest to become a bodybuilder I met Jennifer Byrd, a former bodybuilding champion. Jennifer trained me during my contest prep for my first competition. She was great to work with. With her knowledge and history of the sport, she helped me place in the ‘Men’s Open Lightweight Division’. I look forward to working with Jennifer in the near future as I try and reach my next goal in bodybuilding, earning a INBF Pro Card. Thanks Jen, you are the best!”
Ryan Ducker


“Thank goodness I have Jennifer in my life. She’s the reason I can still move, broken arm and leg but I keep trucking. Some days I do not want to see her, but when my workout is over I feel like a new person. I wish I could express what she means to me as a trainer and more importantly, a friend!”
Stayce Murphy


Jennifer Byrd helps to keep me motivated and inspired to continue to reach my fitness goals. Workouts with Jennifer helped me to understand what my mind and body needed to make these goals a reality. I now have the shoulders I always wanted as well as a great personal trainer and friend in Jennifer!”
Susan Fairbairn, Director, Assisted Living


Jennifer Byrd has been my personal trainer for the past 18 years. At my age, which was 60 at the time, I didn’t think I would see much imporovement in my body, but I was wrong. I dropped 2 sizes, have more energy and am in the best shape of my life, I am now going on 71!
Ellen Finlayson, General Motors, Retired


I have known Jennifer for several years now. Last winter I decided I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show for the first time. Jennifer shared her wealth of knowledge with me in preparation for my competition. She gave me a diet with supplement information to follow for the 12 weeks leading up to the show. Along the way she got me started on a routine and taught me all of the poses and how to pose properly on stage. She was a constant source of encouragement along the way. She gave me tips on how to tweak my workouts leading up to the show. At the show she was a cheerleader and kept me focused. I always knew where she was even if I could not see her for the lights. In the end, at age 49 I won 2 classes, took 2nd in a third class and took home a best poser trophy in a class I also won (she put my routine together). I felt really good about this considering that in 2 of the classes I was 25 to 30 years older than the majority of the other competitors! She knows her stuff!”
Wiley White


“The most magical thing about working out with Jennifer was learning how to work out. I had never been in a gym before or worked with weights. Jennifer took my training step by step until not only was I able to handle heavier weights, but my arms and legs showed tone and definition which they did not have before. I also appreciated us working in combination with training and massage to help the whole person!”
Carol Peim, Massage Therapist


"Jenn made me accomplish something I thought I could never do; that was to stand in front of total strangers wearing minimal clothing. I was always curious if I could ever compete in a bodybuilding show since I have always lacked confidence in anything that I have done. I had worked out in gyms for 20 years, learning from watching others but never formal training. Since I was getting to 50 I was thinking of doing a show. so glad she trained me to compete in my first show this past summer. She made me accomplish so much, that when I think back to the show, it seems so surreal! She made me look so professional in my posing (although I look terrified in some shots). She exemplifies the power of positive thinking and what it can do to one's body... WIN! Thanks to her, my husband and I won 9 trophies from that one show!"
Shey White, Ms. MuscleMania 2009


"Jennifer has done so much but one thing stands out... she can push me to be the best that I can when I am with her. Jennifer is motivating and encouraging. Without her help, I would neveer be able to realize my full potential!"
Jana Dobbins, Varsity X-Country Coach, East Henderson High School


"After observing too many women past 50 with hip and knee problems, weight gain, little strength and a slower gait, I made the decision to be fit for life! I knew I couldn't do it on my own and I wanted to do it RIGHT! That's why I work out with Jennifer. She has helped me tremendously in improving my body and attitude in just a few months. Anyone can lift weights or do cardio on their own but Jennifer fine tunes every aspect of your workout to maximize the effort, avoid injury and buld your self-confidence. I came in a chubby weakling with achy knees. Now my body is beginning to take shape, my knees no longer hurt, I'm stronger then ever before and I feel YEARS younger. AND I can now wear sleeveless tops! I am so grateful to Jennifer".
Barb Glassman


"My trainer and my friend!!! I was so very sick from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and had no strength to even walk from room to room. Jennie took time with me knowing I had no strength or desire to go on. She encouraged me so much and helped me to believe in myself. She was gentle when I needed gentleness and strict and firm when I needed this also. She knew exactly what I needed and she not only gave me back my physical strength, but she also helped me to believe in myself again! I will always be grateful to Jenn for everything she has done for me! Thank you Jenn!"
Joette Williams