Kelly Garrett, CFT

Introducing Kelly Garrett... a trainer who is certified with ACE.

I am personally supporting her and helping her to become one of the BEST TRAINERs in Hendersonville, NC.

As a former Cross-country coach I was able to watch this young lady run with Brevard High school (who was in our conference).  Not only a great athlete then, she now trains for Spartan Races and recently with my help and knowledge WON the Southern Open Bodybuilding Championship becoming a Professional Bodybuilder!!!!  She also placed 2nd in The SuperNatural Bodybuilding Championship on her first try!

I am so very proud of this hardworking young lady and I am training and supporting her to be able to HELP YOU with ton's of knowledge.

Kelly is available to assist you with your fitness needs and desires!!!  Call for appt. (828) 702-9793